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JAY WRIGLEY 2 | TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your health!…forget about the ‘disease management’
presents episode 409 | Dr Jay Wrigley
Revero podcast with Dr Shawn Baker

Dr Jay Wrigley: You have helped me understand something new…
-why some women patients who are going through hormonal issues:
-doing better when eating leaner cuts of meat (protein)
-the extra cholesterol from lean meat is
~converted into pregnenolone and progesterone;
~then all the steroid hormones will be made
Thus giving their body a far better
-building block with leaner meats, like
sirloin instead of ribeye

Disorders that are killing people in the US…
-diabetes, cancer & cardiovascular disease
-we allow the production of hyper-processed foods that…
~drive hyperinsulinemia
-leading to cascade of inflammation & hormonal disregulation
-and still looking for the pharmaceutical solution
-promoting unresearched, unscientific
use of injectables
-instead of exercise and diet
~giving nutrient density to protect all
of these mechanisms
-sunshine for vitamin D, organ meat, butter

Today, there are still gastroenterologists, telling people with:
-Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc.
-that it doesn’t have anything to do with diet!
We should be getting messages about
“Get this processed food out of your diet!”
-but we can’t even get doctors to admit
that what you eat affects your
gastrointestinal tract problems!

Patients need to get away from this “disease management’ model
of health care!
-you have to take responsibility and become self-reliant to some degree
-to Dr Shawn Baker: You show people the benefits of building
~a lifestyle and regime of
-moving heavy things
-eating high-density foods
-leads to a better quality of life
-look to those who are getting results!


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