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Jay Vincent. The point of the exercise-where you want to stop High intensity is PUSHING PAST THAT

The point of the exercise
-where you want to stop
High intensity is PUSHING
-stimulates the muscle
Muscle gets stronger because

Bench press…
-set bar catchers
-must have all safety in place
-you will reach failure
[absolutely cannot do
another rep] -easier for beginners on
their own to use machine
-but, with safety in place
can use free weights

Eliminate peak forces…
-injury caused by excessive
-connective tissues can only’
handle so much
-mass X acceleration = force
-lifting quickly is force
-over time wear & tear
on connective tissues

Competitive lifts; then
-training the muscle
-to increase strength of
muscle fiber as much as
-reduce force
-no momentum

Practice skill-specific lifts…
-stone, dead lift, squat
-in conjunction with muscle
building exercises
“In off-season: want to
-make body as strong
-injury resistant as possible
You have already reached skill
level needed to compete
-need to build STRENGTH


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