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JAY VINCENT | LEG PRESS safer than squat & SAME EFFECT for building STRENGTH
presents episode 992 | Jay Vincent
Jay Vincent podcast

“I train legs once a week with a
leg press or squat at: 275 – 315#
-one set to failure
-followed by leg curl
-one set to failure
-then knee or leg extension
-one set to failure
-heel raise, to failure
Total: 4 exercises, once a week

Strength does transfer…
[from super slow lifts to normal] -the more you practice; the more
load you can move [skill + practice] “Currently, practicing squats with
heavier loads;
with more practice with heavy
loads, will be able to get lower”
Body must develop the muscle
recruitment & skill to go LOW
“I am allowing time to adapt &
practice going so low, heavy”

Used a wedge under feet to give
more ankle extension support…
What is better:
-I alternate between squat & press
-both equally effective:
“Squat is better at improving your
ability to move weight in squat”
-if only do leg press, skill in squat
will suffer due to lack of transfer
But, for strength SAME

“I like squat because I am good
at it. Like others like bench press
because they excel at it”
For most people, stick with
leg press, so you can
-lower torso
than the squat


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