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Jay Vincent. Fast Twitch muscle fibers

You recruit these by training
to failure…
“or, dangerously, lift heavy quickly”
-problem: high peak forces
“I tore both biceps”
-can still recruit them safely
-going slow…to failure
-recruited in sequence
-slow twitch used at first
-when real intense,
fast twitch come in

When you hit & fatigue fast
twitch motor units, they are done
-cannot stimulate them again
“If redo the set, would just stimulate
slow & medium units”
Once to full failure…if continue,
no additional benefits
-reason most people can do
many sets is

Some people go to gym and use
their muscles, not train their muscles
“I definitely feel like I trained muscles.
To get a pump like this in my chest,
biceps, triceps…
I’ve never experienced”
Move slowly during exercise, but
relatively quickly between them
-keeps heart rate elevated for
great cardiovascular benefit
Set up routine in order to get deep
muscles fatigue


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