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JAY VINCENT b | Leg exercise but quads burning? DON’T CHANGE ANGLES or POSITION
presents episode 968 | Jay Vincent
Jay Vincent podcast

Leg press or squat…
Glutes are the PRIME MOVER
responsible for majority of
movement [hip extension] “They are heavily involved,
regardless of feel it or not”

There are bodybuilders &
idiot coaches, incompetent
personal trainers…
designing exercises based on feel
“What you FEEL during an
exercise is almost irrelevant”

exercise that puts muscle in
stretched position, you will feel that
a lot more
-you just FEEL it more,
-due to putting it in stretched
position, passive insufficiency
Ideally, don’t work any muscle in
stretched position

lunge: may feel it in glutes more…
due to putting hamstrings in
stretched position
pelvic bone grinding against glutes
-‘feeling can be deceptive’

Al long as you are doing movement
properly & reaching failure…
-prime muscles will be effectively
-no need to change angles
-or work in stretched position
-or more contracted position
when doing pulling movement &
feel it more in biceps/forearms
-if doing it correctly:
do not do anything differently


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