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JAY VINCENT a | Don’t rely on FEEL in resistance movement: Some muscles have more sensory nerves
presents episode 967 | Jay Vincent
Jay Vincent podcast

Back exercises: worried not
stimulating or fatiguing
the posterior muscles
-lats; rear delts; rhomboid; traps…
with their pulling movements
-feeling forearms & biceps burn
out first
-more sensory nerves in forearms
& biceps, shoulders, especially in
quads [femoral nerve beneath]

Pulling movements
-forearms & biceps may burn
like crazy, especially in the beginning
-due to more sensory nerves there
If you fail on a pulling movement
[for your back] -you have effectively fatigues
& stimulated
-traps, rhomboid, lats

Just to feel a muscle group more
-does not mean it is being
effectively stimulated
[in back row: forearm & biceps
are being heavily worked]

In some cases, feel a muscle group
is being heavily worked, and think
-this is exercise only for that group
Example: Legs
-leg press or squat
-feel it like crazy in quads
[due to more sensory nerves] -afraid not training glutes because
don’t feel it there

Not True
Glutes are the PRIME MOVER
responsible for majority of
movement [hip extension] “They are heavily involved,
regardless of feel it or not”


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