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JAY VINCENT 9 | TARGET SKILL by practicing exact skill-not ‘similar’ NO!
presents episode 829 | Jay Vincent
Elliott Hulse Strength Camp podcast

Law of specificity & motor learning…
-To develop a particular skill, you
must practice THAT EXACT SKILL
Doing something similar will not
transfer to your target skill
[like practicing hockey with golf club
…similar, but no transfer]

In winter, run on treadmill, but
then in summer, running on road is
not the same
“Practicing a skill similar to strongman
movements will not transfer to the
real strongman skillset”
NFL running in sand or with weighted
vest…will not transfer to running on
the field
-agility drills: look like football, but
only prepare you for that drill

For vertical lifts, doing overhead
press? no need to do incline press
Clavicular portion of chest is worked
heavily in overhead press

Question: how to get giant round
shoulders like you have?
“Muscle quality, wide shoulders,
more likely to build big shoulders”
-not up to us what our muscles
look like…
-we can stimulate them to develop,
but how they look is up to genetics
-not born a scrawny twerp, and
suddenly blew up huge muscles

For overhead press: how much
-for 8 to 12 reps, super slow…135
On your own: reps or time?
-set timer, under continuous load,
go for a weight that you can do for
60 to 120 seconds
“In my gym, I time clients carefully, to
support progressive overloading”
-on your own, counting reps, if go
past 12, that is time to add weight


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