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Jay Vincent

Question: like a drop set?
-research shows that these
‘set extenders’ results are
exactly the same as failure”
-if not creating enough tension
then a set extender can help
move muscle to full fatigue
[called ‘inroad’] -reaching failure in first set
is the same thing
-it is a waste of time in gym

Starting light
-careful with direction change
-never jerk or heave
-maintain continuous load
Bench press requires some skill
-using machine easier for beginners
a-control weight
b-focus on tension in chest
c-breathing relaxed & continuous
-don’t hold breath to help lift

Many techniques can work, but
-what is most efficient?
-what is safest?
This has been a practice set…
-in doing one set to failure, the
first few reps are the warm up
-practice, not necessary,
but with a skill exercise,
it is helpful


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