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JAY VINCENT 3 | Mark Asanovich: SAFETY IN GYM transfers to performance on field
presents episode 861 | Mark Asanovich podcast

Motor learning: the principle of
specificity not similarity…
-from motor cortex through
central nervous system
into musculature there is
1 and only 1 neuromusculature
motor path for any skill
-if deviate off of that path at all
you are doing a different skill

Dr Brent Rushall, SDSU, author of
57 books on athletic training, said:
-he spent majority of his career
dispelling the notion that similar
movement in training would
transfer to on-the-field specific skill
Top motor-learning guy in world:
Example: strength coaches teaching
that Power Clean lifting would
transfer to football skills like
running, hitting, jumping better

Jay Vincent: Journal of Strength &
Condition study: “No correlation
between Olympic lifts and speed
of athletes”

In 1970s NCAA football began hiring
strength coaches…from the field
of bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc.
That approach is still in the
mainstream of athletics today
-survey of NFL & NCAA strength
coaches: where do you get your
Answer: from other coaches
Not from scientific journals

Question: how would you make the
case for high intensity training?
-coach needs to win games
-must keep first string on field
“By introducing strength stimulus
through explosive and high speed
moves, over time, cumulatively
damaging tendons, ligaments and
they are more vulnerable on field”


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