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JAY VINCENT 3 | Lift to FAILURE your muscle feels like it is going to DIE
presents episode 818 | Jay Vincent
Elliott Hulse Strength Camp podcast

Bench press…
start at most difficult part of
range of motion, so know how
much weight you can handle
1-create tension in target muscle
2-progressively fatigue it to a point
that it is not used to
[use weight that allows that
in 8-12 reps] 3-lift SLOWLY: continuous load
[eliminates peak forces]

Lifting like this is much harder…
-muscles get no break
-will get more fatigue than ever
Start slowly…barely move it
-maintain proper technique
-take 5 seconds in positive
-avoid lock out
-focus on eccentric lowering
-no rest
-no peak forces

People can tear their deltoids
or rotator cuff by fast change
in direction…
-continue same cadence
-always perfect form
-until: you have nothing left

The point is to FAIL…
“If gun to head, you STILL
could not make another rep”
Only time an animal would use
this much effort is
-obtain food
-avoid being food
This is essential for survival
“We try to replicate that
scenario with weights”
-muscle feels like it will die


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