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JAY VINCENT 2 | Mark Asanovich: Fast & explosive lifts: Shear forces on joint capsules…dangerous
presents episode 860 | Mark Asanovich podcast

Weight room was enhancing their
Problem: explosive type movements:
-create internal shearing forces
within joint capsules
-over time create accumulated
minor injuries
-over years, tendons & ligaments
due to shearing forces while lifting
very heavy OR VERY FAST
will eventually show up…in the field

An athlete: injured on the field, but
-initial insult of the damage was
[coaches may not see link] May say: Injury happened on field
NO: it started in weight room

No direct link between strength and
performance…it is assumed
What is not assumed is
-if joint capsules STRONGER through
through strength training;
-muscles stronger
-bones thicker
-tendons thicker
LESS chance of injury in game

Choosing exercises with movements
that resemble movement patterns
in sports ASSUMING that it will
transfer to the sport skill …
it there evidence for this?
NO it is a sport lore

heavy footballs for practice
salesman said: will train skill &
build strength at same time
logic says, will have to adjust
mechanics…that will teach central
nervous system a COMPLETELY
Research shows this slight difference
in practice will screw up the athlete
more than help them


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