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JAY VINCENT 1 | DEEP, INTENSE FATIGUE…Drives muscle adaptation
presents episode 814 | Jay Vincent
Elliott Hulse Strength Camp podcast

“Jay Vincent has a unique method of training.
We are going through a workout”
-high intensity training
-around since 70’s [Arthur Jones] “Muscle responds best to
-huge intensity & effort
-most bodybuilders use volume
But, intensity of effort drives
muscle growth stimulus”
Making body stronger grow muscle
depending on diet & genetics

High intensity training is the
-most efficient
-most effective
For off-season, trying to
recover & reduce injury
This method involves
-slow lifting
-max tension
-effort far beyond normal
SAFE off-season approach

Athletes, strongmen, bodybuilders…
“I’ve been using this protocol 2x
a week with great results”
show the science behind training
-most try to replicate others
physiologically, this is the best
-doing this for a decade
-for 15k training sessions

Purpose of exercise is to
-deeply & progressively
fatigue the muscle
-set in motion the
stimulus for adaptation
[deep, deep muscle fatigue] Can do it in one set


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