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Jason Fung: b-REVERSE DIABETES TYPE 2: what to eat & what to avoid

Dr Jason Fung on his:
Jason Fung Youtube podcast
May 23, 2021

If you are on medication, check with your doctor before
you start a low-carb diet…
and follow up during this process

Type 2 Diabetes: Severely cut back on:
-starchy carbs (when broken down, convert to sugar)
~bread, rice, potatoes
(other green veggies are fine!)

Type 2 Diabetes: Severely cut back on:
-fruit (some are loaded with sugar)
(berries, low in sugar!)

Type 2 Diabetes: Eat lots of:
~oily fish
~full cream yogurt
-unprocessed fats
(lard, suet, butter, olive, coconut oils)

Type 2 Diabetes: Beware of:
-low fat food
(usually high in sugar or artificial sweetener chemicals)
-cheese (in moderation okay!)

Type 2 Diabetes: Avoid:
-snacks (easily addictive)

Type 2 Diabetes: Summary: eat lots of…
-vegetables (green only; some berries)
-proteins (meat, eggs, fish, full cream yogurt)
-unprocessed fats (NOT seed oils)
-these will fill you up, so snacking is not a problem

Type 2 Diabetes: Sweeteners?
-cut them OUT
(trick brain to feel hungry)

Cut the carbs
Eat non-starchy veggies
Eat animal-proteins
Eat unprocessed fats

Can reverse type 2 diabetes