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JASON FUNG 6 | SHERLOCK FUNG…fasted workouts: quick recovery; growth hormones; stronger focus
presents episode 398 | Dr Jason Fung
Crossfit (c) podcast with Gary Taubes

We work with several professional athletes…
-for peak, in-season performance, you don’t necessarily want to fast
-because these have a very, very high caloric need
Off-season, trying to maximize regeneration: that is when to fast
For recreational athlete: do ‘training in the fasted state’
-you get hormonal changes while fasting
~training your body to use fat as fuel
~increase in catecholamines
(neurotransmitters & hormones like
dopamine & adrenaline for
‘fight, flight, or freeze response’)

Insulin lowers but rise in sympathetic tone (fight or flight response)…
-makes you able to work out harder
-Georges St-Pierre, mixed martial artist, noticed, when he was fasted:
~zoned in a lot more
~felt stronger
~mental concentration was much better
‘compare hungry wolf vs lion who just ate…
you don’t want to face that hungry wolf!’

For recreational athletes, you get an increase in growth hormone…
-able to repair faster
-train harder
But, if looking for peak, peak, peak performance…may be difficult
-so doing low carb eating is what more & more professional athletes do
-in that case, low carb eating may be better
than fasting because you are getting
80% of benefit
~you need those calories

Dr Tim Noakes talks about this…
-in the 80’s it was all: sugar drinks & carb loading
Gary Taubes:
-history of carb loading is from Scandinavian cross-country skiing
-you would train all year long on low carb,
-then, the day before the race you would carb load
-then marathoners thought:
‘if doing it the day before is good;
doing it everyday would be better!’
-end up with obese environment


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