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JASON FUNG 6 | LEPTIN RESISTANCE. No stop-hunger signal. So: lower insulin by low carb eating
presents episode 715 | Dr Jason Fung
Dr David Perlmutter podcast

Body fat is tightly controlled by hormones…
-if too fat; leptin released to stop hunger
-stop eating; body fat goes down
Obesity is not leptin-deficiency state
-it is leptin-resistant state
-body has leptin, not signaling correctly
Any body system, if element stays high
body develops resistance to it

If continuously stimulate leptin
[by overeating] -at some point body is resistant
So, must lower leptin by reducing
body fat
-insulin trying to make you store fat
-leptin trying to stop your hunger
“Much easier to affect this via insulin:
-what you eat & how often you eat
-cannot do same with leptin

Question: Fructose?
If you eat 100% fructose;
blood glucose does not go up at all
-NO….really bad
-HFCS [high fructose corn syrup] &
-table sugar [half glucose; half fructose] Can’t see fructose in blood glucose

Eat bread…glucose can be metabolized
by every cell in body
Fructose load?
-only liver can burn it
-it ALL goes to liver
-liver must decide what to do
-turns into fat [de novo lipogenesis] -FATTY LIVER
-worsens insulin resistance
“Like guided missile right at liver;
that is why it is so bad”


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