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JASON FUNG 4 | SHERLOCK FUNG…time restricted eating preserves muscle & reduces skin tissue!
presents episode 384 | Dr Jason Fung
Crossfit (c) podcast with Gary Taubes

In the transition from fed state to fasted state…
(from Dr George Cahill)
-for up to 24 hours, if on typical high-carb diet,
-you will have enough glycogen (chains of glucose in liver)
-so you are still metabolizing glucose
-fat is a triglyceride…totally different from glycogen
(triglyceride is 3 fatty acids with glycerol)
-your body metabolized the fatty acids

Between the period of burning glucose and burning fat (24-30 hours)…
-you are breaking down protein to supply glucose
(because fat metabolism has not ramped up enough yet)
-Is this burning muscle? NO
-it is protein (it is your body’s excess protein that is burning)

Clinical observation of thousands of patients…
-many have lost hundreds of pounds
-we have NOT, however, had to refer any for skin removal surgery!
-during fasting, you want that period of burning excess protein
(connective tissue & skin)
-body replenishes skin every few days, but
if not eating…body won’t replace skin cells
-no excess skin because that protein has
been metabolized for energy

Gary Taubes: obesity research shows that 20-30% of excess weight…
-is lean tissue, so
A. something has to decide if excess calories are going to fat or lean
~so it must be regulated by hormones
-if you assume fat grows just due to excess fat dumping in
(as ‘Calories in-calories’ out says)
-then what prompted lean tissue growth?
(answer: your hormones)

Recent intermittent fasting research shows there is no muscle loss…
-it is actually preserved better than typical diets
-when you don’t eat there is a predictable change in hormones:
~insulin falls
~other hormones go up: growth hormone bumps UP
~which prompts muscle growth
~while reducing skin tissue


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