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JASON FUNG 4 | LOSING WEIGHT: Not willpower Not calorie count IT’S HORMONES
presents episode 713| Dr Jason Fung
Dr David Perlmutter podcast

Artificially sweetened soft drinks…
“if no calories, must be fine!”
-still stimulating sweetness & insulin
-still stimulating appetite
Ivory tower doctors say: It’s okay
“How many have taken these
drinks and then lost 20 pounds?
Never happens
“More frequent: I say, ‘Get off that
diet soda, and SUDDENLY LOST 50 POUNDS!

As written in The Obesity Code book,
-calories are an easy target
-obesity is a complex hormonal
problem of hyperinsulinemia
They say: “It is willpower!”
Ask: why are doctors fat?
-smart people
-have willpower
They have knowledge & willpower,
so, why can’t they lose weight?
-still consider it to be calories…public has moved past that

While academics keep saying:
‘It is calories, calories’
-real people know better
Doctors would say: count calories…
-if 1000 cal ice cream; same as
-1000 cal steak
But our grandparents would know
‘That is nonsense’
Dr Perlmutter: patient says:
‘I’ll eat ice cream, then exercise more’


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