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JASON FUNG 3 | SHERLOCK FUNG…BMJ publishes cases: fasting helped reverse type 2 diabetics
presents episode 383 | Dr Jason Fung
Crossfit (c) podcast with Gary Taubes

Fasting is very simple and easy to implement…
-Example: “Don’t eat anything until dinner time”
-we published in the British Medicall Journal: 3 cases
~each had 20 years + as type 2 diabetics
~5 years on exogenous insulin injections
-program: 24 hour fast, 3 times a week
(eat once a day on each of the 3 days)
-within 5 to 18 days ALL 3 had been
taken off all their insulin…
All were now non-diabetic!

We advised them to avoid sugars & eat whole foods…
-diabetes is a huge risk factor for heart disease, stroke and cancer
-no reason not to include some fasting with keto or low-carb diets
-when worked together, it is a much better solution
-it is changing not only what you eat; but when you eat
-if eating low carb all day long, only get half of the benefit

Question: what did your medical colleagues think of this approach?
-there was a lot of skepticism
-dieticians thought I was completely insane
-they would not sign off on this at all
-Megan Ramos, medical researcher, did it herself and realized it works
-gave presentations on the physiology
of fasting, why it is effective

Because we share a lot of patients…
-colleagues saw people losing tons of weight &
-coming off of all their meds
-the doctors understood the physiology of fastiing
-they would say
“I used to do that in residency &
I was 30 pounds lighter”
-within a year or two it was accepted
-but it is still not widespread
-it is like the ‘calories in & out’
“Boy, do they like to hang on to
these old stories!”


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