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presents episode 522 | Dr Jason Fung
High Intensity Health podcast with Mike Mutzel

Those who write guidelines…
-diabetes, dietary, etc
-cannot take money from anyone
“Doctors are the worst…they take
money from everyone.
They think if they disclose it, it is ok”
At medical lectures, presenters have
-slide disclosing conflicts of interest
-perhaps there are 15 drug companies
-doctor says: I am not biased, because I am paid by everybody!
What if your child’s teacher was paid by Coke?
-then taught students that drinking Coke is okay?

“Yet Coke can pay Dr Sievenpiper
-lots of money to say: sugar is good!
-teaches med students: sugar is good
-which teaches patients: sugar is good
-then you get diabetes and die
-we need the same rules
as everyone else
“The health of the whole nation depends on it”
-we have so many researchers
on the payroll of drug & food companies”

The former editor-in-chief of both the
-New England Journal of Medicine &
-The Lancet
Both said: “After being in the business
for 20 years, I realize that most of
what we publish is not true”
Authors try to juice up their findings so
it gets into the newspaper
-then, when study is replicated, the original results were not true at all
The editors-in-chief, who have ‘been there, done that’
-they have all turned their back on it, saying: “It is all just crap, now!

You can’t have a drug company…
-doing a study on their own drug
-logic seems to play no role in what
we do
-can’t allow a drug company to do a
study on their on drug,
-toot their own horn, then
-dictate how we do medicine
You have given it up: Why?
because of university leaders & professors
-are all on the payroll of the sponsors

From a health standpoint, it is…
-metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes
-is killing tons of people:
~cardiovascular disease,
~stroke & cancer
-the biggest killers of Americans
-they are all metabolic problems
Not helped by standard medical dogma (bias in med research)
“The good news is that you can take control of your own health, by
understanding what to do: cut out processed foods, fast to:
-regain 90% of your health”
For society: the challenge: get bias out of medical research


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