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JASON FUNG 2 | Sherlock Fung…discovers that eating fat & fasting lowers insulin, burns body fat
presents episode 383 | Dr Jason Fung
Crossfit (c) podcast with Gary Taubes

‘Calories in-calories out’ is true but the least useful thinking…
-what is the root cause?
-what is controlling the calories?
Calories In:
-main control is hunger–which is a hormonal issue
Calories Out:
-main control is NOT exercise, but
-basal metabolic rate–also hormonal
-everything works on hormones, and
~main one is insulin
(the one I had been prescribing!)

We have a hypothesis: ‘insulin causes obesity’, so…
-give insulin: do you get fat? Yes
-take away insulin: does obesity go away? Yes
That is all you need!
-the intermediary steps, whether…
~calories, or
~metabolic rate
-this is a root cause analysis

Dr Fung’s own experience…
-I tried a low carb diet at first, and
-quite effective!
-it was way more effective than I thought it would be
-that is when I started to blog about it (around 2013)
-and developing a program, leading to

Mostly I had older patients, mostly ethnic…
-I would recommend low carb, but they still ate mostly
rice and noodles
I discovered you don’t necessarily have to go low carb
-there are other ways
-you have to lower insulin
-a patient, who had lost a lot of weight
told me she:
1. ate a lot of fat
2. did a lot of cleansings

I thought: that is stupid!
-cleansing is just like fasting, and that doesn’t work!
So I considered it:
-lower insulin will lower your blood sugar &
-later will metabolize body fat (the store of your calories)
-insulin inhibits lipolysis
(won’t burn body fat)
-when insulin falls, will burn body fat
-the whole thing seems like exactly
what you want to happen!


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