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JAMES NESTOR 2 | AIR THROUGH NOSE: slows it. filters it
presents episode 800 | James Nestor
High Intensity Health podcast

Breathing in through nose forces air
through a labyrinth of turbinates
-these are covered with mucosa,
-covered by mucous membrane
-behind is erectile tissue
Forcing air through nose
-slows it down
-pressurizes it
-filters [millions of cilia] -increase nitric oxide
[interacts with viruses/bacteria] 15 years ago study showed this

Many want to breathe through nose…
-run, do crossfit
-but, must build foundation
“Never workout harder than you
can breathe correctly”
-if out of breath, slow down,
slowly build back up workout
“Adjusting a 30 year habit takes time”
-but there are so many benefits
to breathing through nose

I thought I was never going to be able
to nose breathe in middle age…
I thought “if I were younger”
-some dentists said: nothing you can do
-others said:
-wear an appliance to broaden palate
-will increase airway size vastly
-can chew food more
-can do oropharyngeal exercises

Study in ‘Chest’ journal…
-patients with snoring & sleep apnea
-30 rounds: oropharyngeal exercises
-tongue is powerful muscle
-by exercising tongue can open airway
“Results of that study convinced me”
Instead, medical community says:
-CPAP! or
This information is in top journals and
top universities, but not known!!


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