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JAMES NESTOR 1 | BEST BREATH? Nose breathing
presents episode 799 | James Nestor
High Intensity Health podcast

Question: air pollution & health?
-strong link with sinusitis & other issues
when people breathe with mouth
-to avoid that: breathe with nose
as often as possible
-it is #1 filter
-even when stuffed up, use nose as
often as possible
-may use Breathe Right strips, sprays
[or snore control inserts]

mouth tape [lip tape]…
-just need a little piece on the lips
-Dr Ann Kearney, Stanford University,
have prescribed to patients for decades
-kids with ADHD: breathing with nose
-get better sleep
-improve in many symptoms
Neurological functions, metabolism…
-all linked to how we breathe
-all better breathing through nose
“I was a mouth breather for decades”

I researched this area…
spent time at Stanford: Ann Kearney
-she was mouth breather for decades
-slated for surgery to clear her nose
-wanted a natural solution
-nose breathing worked
Her research showed:
“The less we use nose, the less we will
-many products to help…all work!!
-use tape to train mouth to NOT OPEN

I use a tiny piece of microspore
3M tape
-not duct tape or Gorilla tape
-very light tape with light adhesive
-just on lips in middle
-avoid the mustache


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