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presents episode 446 |
Metabolic Classroom with Matt Mohi, Carlie Wendel, featuring Lindsay Venn

Question: Pre-meal glucose moderators: which is better,
apple cider vinegar or berberine?
-if severely insulin resistant, berberine will be very, very helpful
-if insulin sensitive, to moderate glucose to better extent,
then: apple cider vinegar
Both are beneficial
Neither are harmful
Okay to do both

-berberine should improve insulin sensitivity at the cell
-like metformin, berberine is a powerful
insulin resistant assist supplement

I use apple cider vinegar for
heartburn, if you are coming off of
PPI (proton pump inhibitor)

Question: How best to utilize GLP-1 agonists (like Ozempic)
to help with insulin resistance reversal?
-these slow gastric emptying
-help with insulin production to lower blood sugar
(this shouldn’t be what we are aiming for with insulin-lowering
diets because we should be able to make more insulin)
“In my opinion, these help make
beta cells work more efficiently”
-which leads to weight loss

-helps suppress appetite; makes fasting easier
-does not directly improve insulin resistance,
but due to fasting that will help
-okay to include berberine
-try to minimize dose of Ozempic


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