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presents episode 301: Ben Bikman
with Judy Cho, Nutrition with Judy

When you spike your insulin (by consuming carbs)…
-you lower the energy-availability in the blood
(energy-availability: nutrients for providing energy)

Harvard study
-2 groups, equal calories, 1=high carb; 2=low carb & high fat
-high carb spiked insulin, and that …
~chased out nutrients from the blood

Another study: if someone eats foods that spike insulin…
-they are much hungrier, much sooner
-brain doesn’t have capacity to store energy
-has high metabolic rate, high energy needs:
~must be met with whatever nutrients are in the blood
~glucose & ketones
-so, when insulin spikes:
~glucose lowers
~stops producing ketones

Brain then senses: “Need more energy!”
-not realizing insulin caused it to be stored in fat cells & liver
-so, in absence of energy, brain stimulates hunger

Eating carbs, spikes insulin…
-stores energy as fat
-signals to brain: lack of energy, so
-brain stimulates HUNGER

This is carb addiction in the making


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