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INSULIN RESISTANCE PRIMARY CAUSES: inflammatory proteins, stress, high insulin
presents episode 292: Ben Bikman
with Judy Cho, Nutrition with Judy

Judy Cho,
Dr Bikman…
he defines

It is the cause
of all these

Insulin resistance is like a coin with 2 sides…
-whether it is pathological (clinical cases due to diet)
-or physiological (due to puberty or pregnancy)
1. insulin not able to perform at some cells as before
most of body cells are not affected
2. hyperinsulinemia (chronically high insulin levels)

These two ALWAYS come together…
-compromised insulin signalling &
-chronically high insulin levels

-whether pathological, making the person sick, or
-physiological, helping adolescent or baby grow

Origins of insulin resistance is a result of…
-primary or secondary causes

Primary causes
-stimuli independent of anything else
-can cause around the whole body

Primary causes
-stimuli independent of anything else
-can cause around the whole body

“most relevant, because you can change it quickly…
chronically elevated insulin”

Secondary cause, something like linoleic acid (Omega6)…
-“secondary” because cannot directly cause insulin resistance
-linoleic acid (seed oils) can do a lot of harm to the body
-when fat cells accumulate it,
~forces them to grow through hypertrophy, so
~cells get too big, instead of multiplying…
~they become insulin resistant


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