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INSULIN IQ | Habits: compound effect will grow & make huge difference in successful results
presents episode 512 | Chelsea Thornhill
Health coach on podcast

Health coach Chelsea Thornhill: Began by focusing on helping women…
-Has to be a balance between supporting your community and
taking care of yourself
“If you are not well, you’re not able to take care of the things you love:
~be with your family or travel, or whatever is important to you”
In the beginning I would check:
-where is my client?
-where do they want to go?
-what changes do they need to make?
Researched ‘Atomic Habits’ and
‘Good Habits, Bad Habits’

First step in establishing effective habits…
-get real clear on your values: what is most important
~keep those values literally front and center
-clear on what your ‘Why’ is
“Why so important to change your habits to reach desired outcome?”
-for many it is: I want to stay active with kids and grandkids
Typically it is that ‘I want these outside things
to continue happening’
-people so used to feeling poorly, they
don’t consider that feeling better is
an option to set goals around

Take an inventory of your strengths with a strength analysis…
-people struggle with this one
Building a habit:
-set up your environment to support this new habit
you are building
~putting foods you want to avoid in a separate drawer
(out of sight; out of mind)
-setting out exercise gear the night before
-once a habit is built, don’t have to be so
structured in these areas,
“In the early phases, these little things
help so much”

Stacking a habit with another one…
-you already have a habit you want to keep, build from there
Repeating a new habit as often as it makes sense
The Compound Effect (from Darren Hardy)
-little things we do everyday, will grow and compound to
make a big difference down the road
-be consistent and patient and results will come
Be clear on the reward of this new habit
-think of all the ways it will positively
impact your life

Be prepared for the barriers and obstacles that will come up…
-we can’t control the stuff outside of us, only what is inside
Tracking your habits to visually see your success
-for example on a calendar
-having partners, like a coach, but also
~people closer to you, like family & friends…
“Get their support along the way”


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