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INFLAMMATION: arteries, joints, infections can be improved by eating low carb & eliminating seed oil

with Dr. Berry, Coach Emily & Coach Shelby
presented in the IIQ Metabolic Classroom, June 14, 2021

Common forms of inflammation:
-arteries collect sludge
-strong correlation between inflammation & artery disease
-stronger correlation than cholesterol

joints: arthritis means painful joints
infection: form of inflammation
causes longterm scar tissue

Inflammation works contrary to what we are trying
to do at InsulinIQ:

we are finding very positive relationship between:
-lowering insulin has strong effect on
-reducing these inflammatory factors

InsulinIQ has an in-body scale…
Measures extra-cellular water vs total body water,
people with high ratio of this water retention,
have high inflammation levels:
-metabolically sick
-taking lots of medications
-type 2 diabetes

InsulinIQ has an in-body scale…
tests only for acute inflammation in the body,
but as soon as they drop their:
-blood glucose &
-insulin levels, then:
-their inflammation markers improve, so:
-joint pain improves
-start getting off their medications

Some clients, after just a week,
their joints start feeling
a lot better…

when they:
-start eating low carb foods &
-stop eating seed (vegetable) oils

they successfully greatly reduce their inflammation