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GEORGIA EDE d | FRENCH STUDY: 28 long term, chronic, severe mental patients… ALL IMPROVED ON KETO
presents episode 1062 | Dr Georgia Ede
Levels podcast

Dr Dom D’Agnostino:
French study, 31 treatment-resistant, seriously mentally ill
patients on keto diet…
-bi-polar; major depression; schizophrenia
-75% animal fat; 20% animal protein; 5% carb
-100% improvement in symptoms
-43% achieve clinical REMISSION
-96% of patients lost weight
-64% discharged on less meds
This was observational study, no control group
-but actual results from clinic in Toulouse, France

Patients had severe, chronic mental illness
-at clinic for decades
-support & repeated hospitalizations
-some: electric convulsive therapy
“He had seen young family member with
epilepsy & autism respond well to keto in
just a few weeks”
Decided to try this brain-healthy approach

Patients stayed in hospital, some for long period of time…
-28 of 31 stayed on diet
-all improved
“43 achieved clinical REMISSION; you do not
see that in typical psychiatric care”
-did not put half the patients into control
-clinician trying to help his long term patients
“We published as retrospective study since
these results were so outstanding”
It has inspired more rigorous research


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