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GEORGIA EDE b | CAUSE OF MENTAL ILLNESS? -inflammation -oxidative stress -insulin resistance
presents episode 1060 | Dr Georgia Ede
Levels podcast

Keto is not necessarily a weight loss diet.
-can be formulated to be weight-neutral
-so burn only ketones from food not body
“Underweight, normal, and very fit patients–
-did not lose weight
-got great benefits to their mental health
Weight loss is a benefit, not the goal”
In the beginning, diets for epilepsy were very
restrictive on protein [90% fat; 6% protein] -far too little protein for growth

3 major underlying forces driving neuropsychiatric illnesses…
-oxidative stress
-insulin resistance
Having all 3 will cause problems all over body
-gut is first line of defense:
Foods that are mechanically irritating the gut
-never meant for human consumption
-grains & legumes & certain seeds
Foods difficult to digest

Foods that cause inflammation & contain toxins
-some plant foods contain these
-gut is first to experience poor effects

If you have gut issues
-one place to check: amount & type of fiber
in diet
-often recommended: Increase fiber!
Studies show:
-less fiber in diet
-eat foods easy to digest
[Fiber, by definition: is INDIGESTIBLE}


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