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GEORGIA EDE a | BI-POLAR & SCHIZOPHRENIA: low carb eating better than meds
presents episode 1058 | Dr Georgia Ede
Levels podcast

I thought of food as a way to control weight…
-in 4 years of psychiatry school
did not talk about food once
-I studied across disciplines to try
to get to the bottom of my diet

Paper published, 1965, 10 women
schizophrenic, placed on keto diet
short time, had positive results…
Another: bi-polar & epilepsy
are very similar
-use many of the same meds
-stabilize seizures in epilepsy
-stabilize mood in bi-polar
Many, many similarities between
these two conditions
“Known for 100+ years: keto has
ability to stop seizures for many”

“Powerful evidence that keto
-should also stabilize mood swings
Nothing else works as well
-meds do not work as well
-meds have negative side effects
-keto dieting has positive
side benefits:
-better metabolic health
-better overall physical health


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