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GEORGIA EDE 7: MEDICATIONS have side effects…diets to lower glucose have SIDE BENEFITS
presents episode 321: Dr Georgia Ede
at Low Carb Down Under. 2022

For most people, keto eating is better…
-than traditional medication-only treatments
-antidepressants especially have poor track record of results
-often there are significant negative side effects
-weight gain
-sexual side effects

My patients: this completely changes the way they feel…
-maybe it is NOT genetic
-NOT all about their childhood
-NOT a character flaw
Maybe in part
their suffering has:
-biological &
-reversible cause

Studies show that keto eating addresses…
-reduce inflammation & oxidative stress
-support growth of new brain connections
-stablize neurotransmitter &
-hormonal pathways
-provide safe & clean fuel

We don’t yet have enough clinical research…
-for any particular patient to know
-how well a keto or paleo diet will help their diagnosis, but…
“We don’t know what is possible unless we TRY”

If you struggle with mental health issues…
-paleo diet is an excellent & safe starting point
-DOES NOT require any medical monitoring
-however, if you have insulin resistance, paleo may…
-have too many carbs to
-bring insulin down

Keto eating is the next logical step after trying paleo…
-consult with a keto-savvy clinician first, if you
-have health problems
-have serious psychiatric symptoms or
-are taking medications

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