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GEORGIA EDE 6: Poor brain glucose processing leads to: DEPRESSION BI-POLAR SCHIZOPHRENIA
presents episode 320: Dr Georgia Ede
at Low Carb Down Under. 2022

A shortage of brain energy can cause all kinds of problems…
-mood, behavior & cognition
-imaging finds brain glucose processing problems in:
-bi-polar disorder

Combination of high brain glucose & low brain insulin…
-can cause these:
-hormonal imbalances
-oxidative stress
-neurotransmitter imbalances
-insulin resistance

Keto diet:
Any way of eating that lowers insulin levels enough
to turn on fat-burning and generate physiologically
meaningful levels of ketones in the blood

Most low-carb diets will lower & stabilize blood glucose…
-therefore stabilize brain glucose, but may not:
-lower insulin enough to allow ketones into therapeutic range
-carbs are not only thing that stimulates insulin response
-whey protein powder
-simply over eating
-can prevent ketosis

Lowering & stabilizing blood sugar is still…
-major health achievement &
-helps some people with simpler concerns, like
-anxiety or brain fog
But, being in ketosis:
-helps many more:
-psychiatric symptoms
-metabolic damage:
~insulin resistance
~type 2 diabetes


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