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GEORGIA EDE 5: The higher the blood insulin…the lower the brain insulin: ENERGY CRISIS
presents episode 319: Dr Georgia Ede
at Low Carb Down Under. 2022

Excess glucose molecules stick to proteins & to DNA…
-turning them into crippled molecules, called:
-Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs)
-accumulate & interfere with normal cell function

To cope, brain releases signaling molecules…
-cytokines & oxygen-free radicals
-create inflammation
Temporary, controlled inflammation is a good thing…
-first step in responding to threat
-like ambulances…

But next step should be cleaning up is returning to normal…
-if eating sugar, high-carb foods many times a day,
-this process NEVER QUIETS DOWN
Have uncontrolled, chronic inflammation & oxidative stress
-severe imbalances in:

Glutamate levels can increase 100 times normal…
-it is brain’s primary excitatory neurotransmitter
-(brain’s gas pedal)
-sustained high glutamate is toxic

Excess glutamate directly damages…
-proteins, lipids, nucleic acids (DNA & RNA), mitochondria
-blood-brain barrier, protective against harm…
-can also be compromised
The cells of hippocampus (learning center)…
-can die off

Diets that cause high insulin can restrict energy to brain…
-can cause insulin resistance at blood-brain barrier
-glucose STILL enters brain
-the higher the blood sugar; the higher the brain sugar
-even with type 2 diabetes

People with insulin resistance DO need to worry about…
-low brain insulin
-increasingly difficult for insulin to cross into brain
-the higher the blood insulin; the LOWER the brain insulin
-brain cells CANNOT process glucose into energy
-without adequate

People with insulin resistance …
“can be swimming in a sea of glucose and still be
starving to death”
-called Cerebral Glucose Hypometabolism
-(sluggish brain glucose processing)
-main driver of

We now know that Alzheimer’s Disease is preceded…
-by decades of gradually slowing brain glucose processing
“Studies consistently show, the more insulin resistant
you are, the slower your brain glucose processing will be”


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