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GEORGIA EDE 4: Monitor your blood glucose to check your diet’s impact on body and brain
presents episode 318: Dr Georgia Ede
at Low Carb Down Under. 2022

Consuming refined carbs 3 to 6 times a day…
-on hormonal roller coaster all day and into the night

Obtain a glucose monitor & test blood sugar…
-an hour after eating
-or wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor CGM for
-a few weeks
-cost: $70/2 weeks

Dr Ede’s patient, CGM reading, on Mediterranean diet…
-signs of glucose intolerance:
-unstable glucose levels throughout the day
-spikes over 125mg/dL
-or over 7mMol

Spikes over 140 (7.8 mMol) are dangerous for both…
-body & brain
This patient had lots of variability in glucose

After eating snack, rose above 140!
-unsweetened yogurt with whole grains;
-raw salmon & white rice & 4 mushrooms

Unstable glucose & spikes harmful for physical condition…
-like type 2 diabetes & many chronic diseases
Also destabilize & damage brain in a variety of ways


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