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GEORGIA EDE 4 | 3rd trimester to age 2: B12; iron; omega3s CRITICAL TO BRAIN DEVELOPMENT
presents episode 451 | Dr Georgia Ede
The Carnivore Cast podcast

DHA is critical for brain formation; the development of…
-the human cortex during infancy
“Human beings evolved to require animal fat in their diets”

People who eat plant-based diets are more likely to have…
-vitamin B12 deficiency
-iron stores lower
-omega3 fatty acid deficits: DHA & EPA
-lower zinc levels
“These are nutrients the brain REQUIRES, and
if you eat a vegan diet, you are more likely to be
deficient in these”

People who eat plant-based diets are more likely to have…
-vitamin B12 deficiency
-iron deficiency
-omega3 deficiency
All are extremely dangerous for the brain, particularly…
from third trimester pregnancy to age 2
-we don’t know what irreversible damage can be done during
this critical period of brain development
-it is a game of chance you are playing

We know that people who have these specific deficiencies…
-are at risk of mental health problems
-today, these deficiencies are very common!
10 to 20% of women in reproductive years…
-have iron deficiency
“Why so many nutrient deficiencies in people eating the
standard western diet?”
-hypothesis: too many foods that interfere with
our ability to extract & utilize the nutrients
in our food

If eating a lot of grains & beans…
-supposedly the staple foods of the ‘recommended’ diet
-these make it hard to get the minerals from the food
-if not eating enough animal foods:
~not getting enough vitamin B12
-or if taking acid blockers (protein pump inhibitors)
~difficult to process B12 into blood stream
“It’s not enough to ensure you are eating the
right foods…make sure you are not eating
to much of the wrong foods”


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