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GEORGIA EDE 3: Unnaturally high spikes inglucose & insulin DESTABILIZE and DAMAGE our BRAIN
presents episode 317: Dr Georgia Ede
at Low Carb Down Under. 2022

No studies on vegan’s effect on mental health…
-studies on vegan’s effect on physical health…
-design flaws: manipulated many variables
-dangerous to conclude: meatlessness is magic bullet

Arguments in these proclamations are illogical…
-don’t use scientific EVIDENCE or human clinical trials
-removing animal-based foods is an UNTESTED hypothesis

A brain-healthy diet should include:
-nutritious animal protein & animal fat
-exclude anti-nutritious grains & legumes
-reflects our
evolutionary history:
-diet the brain
grew up on

Does our brain need sugar for energy?
-yes, some glucose is needed, but
-our body makes it from scratch from fat & protein
-as needed:
-around the clock

Dietary carbs are optional…choose wisely:
-non-sugary fruits and root vegetables

Sugar, flour, fruit juice &
cereals cause:
-unnaturally steep
spikes in glucose &
-destabilize &
damage our brain


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