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GEORGIA EDE 3 | Arachidonic acid and DHA are critical to brain health…PLANTS HAVE ZERO
presents episode 450 | Dr Georgia Ede
The Carnivore Cast podcast

Dispassionately look at the science:
-animal foods are very healthy for us
(meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy)
-all fields of science, except epidemiology (easily corrupted)
-only animal foods contain:
~every nutrient we need
~in its proper form
~without any anti-nutrients

Dispassionately look at the science:
-all plant foods lack certain essential nutrients
-all contain natural toxins and anti-nutrients
“There is nothing in a plant food that you
cannot get in an animal food”
“There is no necessity to eat any plant food, as long as,
you are eating enough animal protein and fat”

The more plant food you eat, makes if more difficult to…
-get needed nutrients from the plant food, AND
-from the animal foods you eat as well!
-animal foods are all you need and
-are the safest way to get bioavailable nutrients
“We absorb nutrients from animal foods
so much better in most cases”
-plant nutrients:
~many are in the wrong form
~get interfered with by anti-nutrients

Most people eating a mixed diet of animal and plant foods…
-will do okay, but
-the fewer plans foods you eat, the more nourished you will be
-if eating a low-animal food diet, particularly a vegan diet,
“You will be lacking really important, essential nutrients,
if you don’t supplement very carefully”
-an unsupplemented vegan diet is lethal

In my consulting service, parents will have their children…
-on an unsupplemented vegan diet
-people who promote plant-based diets minimize the risks,
instead of being transparent

At the recent Denver Low Carb conference, Dr Ede discussed:
-DHA (docosahexaenoic acid): omega3 fatty acid
-arachidonic acid: omega6 fatty acid
-the fat of the brain is very high in both of these
-in some circles, these are not consider essential
because there are pathways to create them
(example: DHA from ALA (alpha-linolenic acid)
-ALA found in both plant and animal foods
-in many people, this pathway is unreliable
(average: less than 10% is converted)

“So, if you want DHA in your brain…
-you are taking your chances if you don’t get it from
animal foods”
-plant food contain absolutely no DHA

There is a parent omega6 fatty acid, linoleic acid (LA)…
-in plants and animals
-there is a pathway to convert to arachidonic acid
-needed for brain function
-but arachidonic acid (like DHA) exists only in animal foods
-clinical trials, using this pathway…
-there is virtually no conversion of LA into arachidonic acid
-why doesn’t this pathway work in studies?
“You are taking your chances if you rely on
plant food to get enough arachidonic acid”


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