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GEORGIA EDE 2: Diets LOW in ANIMAL FOODS; high in grains & legumes: NOT ACCEPTABLE; NOT NORMAL
presents episode 316: Dr Georgia Ede
at Low Carb Down Under. 2022

Protein: your brain is an energy hog…
-needs lots & lots of micronutrients & minerals
-meeting its protein needs with plants alone is problematic
-plants lack essential
-some of their nutrients
come in wrong form
-hard for us to use

Many plant food contain anti-nutrients…
-phytic acid, found in
~grains, beans, nuts, seeds
~interferes with absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc

Iron deficiency affects 10-20% of women of reproductive age,
-if you have low iron, not just a blood problem…a brain problem!
Minerals critical to:
-brain development in early life
-neural transmitter

Diets low in animal foods, high in grains & legumes…
-mineral deficient

Three most deficient micro-nutrients worldwide:
-vitamin A
All are best sourced from animal foods!!


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