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presents episode 449 | Dr Georgia Ede
The Carnivore Cast podcast

Question: Why wait for EVIDENCE before trying…
-a nutritional approach?
-these are so safe and so healthy, why wait?
-risks are extremely low
-potential benefits are HUGE

“see for hundreds of cases,
or on Youtube:

“I’m having consultation sessions with other clinicians
around the world who want to implement nutrition strategies
in their mental health counseling practice”
-when the patient is willing to change their diet, they
~sometimes see really dramatic improvements

Question: what are the differences in effectiveness of
eating plant foods vs animal foods?
-animals defend themselves with claws, fangs, chasing…
-plants look innocent, sitting in a field, but it is…
~defending itself just as powerfully as any animal, but it is
~using invisible, chemical weapons
-because plants cannot move, they would not have made it
~unless they protected themselves
“All creatures want to protect themselves and
their offspring”

Most powerful defensive, chemical weapons are found…
-in the seeds (including grains, beans, and nuts)
-so, a paleo type of diet, removing seeds, grains, legumes
is a safer diet for humans, because it avoids:
-lectins (aggravate immune system)
-phytic acid (interferes with mineral absorption)
~like zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium:
all crucial for brain function
“It is very hard for us to absorb minerals
from these foods”

There are toxins in
cruciferous vegetables
-that cause damage
to cells
-goitrogens in many types
of foods which:
-interfere with
-iodine processing &
-thyroid hormone function

There are neurotoxins in nightshades
-(tomato & eggplant family)
“There is not a plant,
in the world, that
doesn’t defend itself
with a chemical

They are primarily designed to protect themselves from…
-small creatures, but
-our cells are made of the same stuff!
-if you eat enough of these foods, or
-are vulnerable due to gut or immune system damage
-plants that we have evolved eating for a long time…
-we have evolved defense mechanisms
-but if you have gut or immune system damage
you may not do that as well as you need to
-may develop sensitivity to plants over time


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