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GEORGIA EDE 1 | Many illnesses are directly related to how we eat…why not mental illness as well?
presents episode 448 | Dr Georgia Ede
The Carnivore Cast podcast

Dr Georgia Ede, on Carnivore Cast podcast:
-we think food is something that affects our heart, weight &
our cholesterol levels
-we rarely think about how food affects other aspects of
our health
-you don’t need a different diet for each part of the body
-every cell needs basic nutrition
-all parts of each cell come from the food we eat

A lot of people think that our mental health has so much to
do with our upbringing, experiences, our mindset
-that we have control over our mental health through
~psychotherapy, our environment, changing relationships…
-those are very important, but
~people think that those are most of the solution
“If you have a mental illness, it does not necessarily
mean that you need medication!”

What if it is simply that you have not been…
-feeding your brain properly?
-the chemical imbalance that you have been told you have, is:
~like so many chronic illnesses
~the result of eating the wrong way
-that may sound radical, but why should the brain…
~be any different?
-so many health problems are DIRECTLY
related to HOW WE EAT
-why should mental illness be any different?

Question: Why do you get push back from the established
mental health institutions about the affect of diet?
-there are not enough randomized, control group trials on
nutrition and mental health
This field is new
-early adopters say, why not try a nutritional approach
~it looks promising and does no harm
-late adopters, very skeptical…
~they need to see a very high level of
evidence before even considering change!


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