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GEORGIA EDE 1: Developing BABY’S BRAIN REQUIRES animal-based DHA omega-3 fatty acids
presents episode 314: Dr Georgia Ede
at Low Carb Down Under. 2022

Dr. Georgia Ede, practiced adult psychiatry at Harvard’s
Cambridge Hospital from 2002 to 2013.

She now practices nutrition-based psychiatry at
Smith College, Massachusetts.

Proper food for the brain should meet 3 criteria…
1. Nourish
2. Protect
3. Energize properly

-must include animal foods
-must be FREE of refined carbs, vegetable oils &
other ‘factory foods’
-keep blood sugar & insulin in healthy range &
enable brain to be in ketosis regularly
-plant foods lack key nutrients required for brain development

20% of the fat in the brain is DHA (omega3 fatty acid)
-NOT in plant foods

The pathways that convert plant fats into animal fats:
-EPA & DHA are INEFFICIENT & vary from person to person
-DO NOT meet needs of brain in early development

New mothers who choose vegetarian or vegan diets…
-have a hard time supplying baby with DHA
-when not sufficient…leads to irreversible damage


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