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GARY FETTKE 3 | Judy Cho: plant-based diet…depression & eating disorders so changed to meat only
presents episode 472 | Dr Gary Fettke
Judy Cho: Nutrition with Judy podcast

Judy Cho: “I personally fell into a plant-based diet for 12 years and I
-struggled with depression & eating disorders
-changed to meat only:
~saved my life, from mental health issues, from taking antidepressants
-I got upset because my psychologist said I would forever take meds…
-my research showed how healthy meat is and
-how wrong the dietetic recommendation is

How do we make sure we have enough resources with meat…
-to take care of ourselves and our families
-main street media, big food, big pharma will not do so
Dr Gary Fettke:
-eat meat tip to tail, the whole animal, in a respectful fashion:
-respect for how it is raised, for the land, for the animal
(I am not into ‘factory farming’)
We have plenty of land
-arable land: 3 to 4%
-grassland: 25%

In Australia, we have bush fires, that could be avoided if…
-allow cattle to roam and consume grass
-eat an animal, tip to tail, including organs, you will have:
~complete nutritional intake
-should eat to nutritional requirement, not energy requirement
Example: eat a pizza, looks complete, but low in nutrients, so
-hungry again
“Not hungry for energy,
but hungry for

At Brazilian restaurant, meat only, you get full and cannot eat more…
-you have eaten your protein requirements
-that gives you satiety
Typical aid to Africa, where nut analogs are
-pushed for malnourished children
-these are seed oil foods, thrown at the starving people,
-will make them sicker and keep them from self reliance on own food

Frustration: see people, who have the information,
-eating chips, soft drinks, smoking…
-in their defense: they have been brainwashed, that:
-this is okay, if you get sick
-see doctor, get meds


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