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GARY FETTKE 2 | Type 2 DIABETES can be reversed in 1 weekend…diet & CGM
presents episode 470 | Dr Gary Fettke
Judy Cho: Nutrition with Judy podcast

Dr Fettke, about a diabetic patient, in his 40’s…
-numb feet, no sensation
-early dementia
-already had had a heart attack and a stroke
-3 year old daughter and wife with him
“This is a crisis! I gave him both barrels of nutrition advice”
-goes against what all his other doctors were telling him

Dr Fettke, about a diabetic patient, in his 40’s…
“if you want to see your daughter, you are going to have to listen to me”
-he came back 2 weeks later for a follow-up
-his wife & daughter were not with him
“I listened to you doc. I BELIEVE YOU.
My wife thinks you are really arrogant and wouldn’t come back”
“But…I have been doing what you told me and my blood sugars are
the best they have
been in years”
“My GP thinks I am
crazy and others
ready to disown me”

Dr Fettke, about a diabetic patient, in his 40’s…
“I am going to stick with YOU because I have not seen this
control, of my blood sugars, EVER”
-literally, in 2 weeks, his feet had improved in sensitivity!

Dr Fettke
-reported to medical board for reversing diabetes on national TV…
-got him off insulin & 6 other medications
-into remission in a few weeks
-can be done in a week or a weekend, if given:
~education & supervision & CGM (continuous glucose monitor)
“If you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you should have option:
-low carb diet
“Within 2 weeks you
would have it
completely under control”

Over 100 published papers showing the benefits of low carb on
-diabetes reversal
-this is where Dr Fettke is pushing the medical profession
-it is the most obvious benefit of low carb on metabolic health
-diabetes can be turned around in days
-can get hourly or minute-by-minute measure to see the reversal
“It is indefensible that the medical profession are not prescribing
low carb eating”
“Doctors not
low carb
are negligent”


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