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GABRIELLE LYON e | WOMEN: weightlifting WON’T BULK YOU UP will tone; give strong bones & longevity
presents episode 920 | Dr Gabrielle Lyon
Max Lugavere podcast

Question: should women fear bulking
up when eating high protein &
resistance training?
-it is impossible
“I have never seen that.
I have thousands of patients”
On social media, female influencers
are taking performance enhancing
drugs to get their bulk

Average female, in resistance training
will look better;
-tighter skin
-be smaller; better body composition
-improve inflammatory markers
-improve glucose control due to
more skeletal muscle
Skeletal muscle is largest site for
glucose disposal
-it drives your metabolic rate
-incredibly under-appreciated

Perimenopause & menopause…
-more muscle in 20, 30, 40s the
better you will be
The higher the protein intake
-better bone density
-bone is made of protein
Meta-analysis shows protein intake
improves kidney function
-improve glomerular infiltration
“Have never seen a healthy person
consume too much protein”

People think: high protein bad for bones
-research at Washington Univ:
-higher protein & resistance training,
better bone density
Often resistance training is missed:
-yoga & pilates ARE NOT ENOUGH
Resistance training [whether heavy
or volume to failure] is best

Calcium supplements for bones?
-I recommend calcium, with D3 & K2
What is your ‘balanced meal’?
-I don’t worry about balance…
-#1: Determine ideal body weight
-take in that much in grams / day
Example: 125 pounds = 125g protein
Now: carbs or fat?
“I don’t eat carbs. For every 100g
protein, body generates 60g carbs”
High protein will generate all the
carbs needed through gluconeogenesis

“Okay to overshoot protein because
it is not easily stored as fat”
My patients have gone up to 3.3g
per kg [about 1.5g / pound]

To optimize body comp:
-carbs must be less than 40g / meal
-fat intake as desired
“Okay to overshoot protein because
it is not easily stored as fat”
My patients have gone up to 3.3g
per kg [about 1.5g / pound] -improved satiation
-improves body turnover rate
-improves gut health: threonine

Breakfast is 5 whole eggs…
-don’t worry about fiber
-I don’t need it & I have a ton of
patients that do well without fiber


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