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GABRIELLE LYON b | MUSCLE! secretes interleukin6 & DBNF: better memory!
presents episode 915 | Dr Gabrielle Lyon
Max Lugavere podcast

If you have excess visceral fat…
-make sure muscle is healthy,
“It is not about the weight that
comes off, it is about the Quality
When lose weight, also lose
-lean muscle tissue, with fat tissue
-requires time and effort, but worth it

Myokines are cytokines [proteins]…
-secreted by muscle when contracting
Example: interleukin 6
-in contracting muscle tissue,
interleukin 6 is anti-inflammatory
Skeletal muscle works with
-your immune system
-has counter-regulatory effect

Interleukin 6 allows for nutrient partitioning…
-utilized more fat tissue
& fatty acids & glucose
We may only think of the
-contractile or mitochondrial health
is not only thing muscles do
Muscles also secrete BDNF
[brain derived neurotropic factor] -another cytokine helps with memory
The more resistance exercise you do
the more memory & better cognition

Anabolic resistance…
-decrease in nutrient-sensing in body
-especially in muscle
Must eat more quality protein [animal] -AT ONE TIME to overcome
As you age, if you don’t change diet
[toward high quality protein] become
Must adapt to changing hormones
-testosterone & IGF1 both decrease

If eat robust amount of protein
-[30-50g per meal] -overcomes anabolic resistance
High quality protein has abundant
amino acids…
-more branch chain aminos
-leucine triggers
muscle protein synthesis
through mTOR
[mammalian target of rapamycin]


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