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GABRIELLE LYON a | Protect Aging Loved Ones: focus on QUALITY MUSCLE NOT FAT LOSS
presents episode 914 | Dr Gabrielle Lyon
Max Lugavere podcast

Largest organ in body? muscle
-endocrine organ that determines
“It’s the most under appreciated
When it contracts, releases
myokines: protect bones & brain

Muscle is metabolic currency:
-determines everything about our
body composition
-critical against diseases of aging
-Alzheimer’s; hypertension;
cardiovascular; diabetes
“All starts in muscle FIRST”

“My favorite patient: late 40’s
woman, obese whole life, chasing
losing body fat [‘must lose weight!’] -Imaged brain: flattening of brain
matter: on verge of cognitive
“Realized: with obese patients,
focusing on WRONG TISSUE!
Not a pathology problem
Not an adipose tissue problem

By shifting from failed fat-focus
to Muscle-centric approach
We change the trajectory of aging
Insulin Resistance is primarily a
deficit in the skeletal muscle FIRST
-because skeletal muscle is the
primary site for glucose disposal
Skeletal muscle is like suitcase…
if overfilled with glucose, it will
spill back into bloodstream
Then it is stored as fat

By optimizing muscle tissue, by
-resistance exercise
-animal protein in diet
“You can take care of this tissue
that otherwise declines with aging”
-With aging: muscle
-becomes insulin resistant, and
-anabolically resistant
This is the mechanism of health…
can protect your family members


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