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FRUCTOSE IS ETHANOL…80% becomes FAT in liver & pancreas
presents episode 291: Paul Mabry:
with Dr Shawn Baker,

Dr Paul Mabry: insulin resistance is caused by…
-eating sugar &
-drinking ethanol!

-high fructose corn syrup is ethanol
-table sugar is half fructose

-processed through same pathway…
-80% end up as fat in liver & pancreas

Fructose causes insulin resistance…
-insulin stops working

When insulin resistant…
-you cannot tolerate carbs in your diet
-everyone has fat threshold
-10% diabetics have normal BMI
-fat builds up in internal organs
-high insulin & sugar do the damage

From…sugar causes:
-cancer, blindness, stroke, heart disease
-heart failure, peripheral artery disease, gout
-polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
-non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
-osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s disease
-Parkinson’s disease
-amputations, kidney failure
-sleep apnea

From…sugar causes:
-hearing loss, psoriasis, low sperm count, low testosterone
-erectile dysfunction, fibroid tumors, enlarged prostate
-glaucoma, early-onset sexual maturity in children
-blood clots–especially venous thrombosis
-pulmonary embolism, gall stones
-sarcoidosis, carpal tunnel syndrome

From…sugar causes:
-for each of these, there are links to scholarly articles
~that link excess sugar
(metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance)
~to these diseases


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