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FOOD ALLERGIES: get tested! But, it may be food intolerance…overcome by low carb eating!

Dr Berry & Coach Shelby
presented in the IIQ Metabolic Classroom, June 15, 2021

To my patients who feel they have food allergies…

“You’re eating these foods in context with a lot of
carbohydrates. Let’s first remove the inflammatory
foods you are eating. It doesn’t mean you are allergic.”

Almost always they improve!

If you think you have real food allergies…

-go to your doctor
-there are several tests that can be taken:
-blood test of your antibodies vs several food groups
-skin test for:
=all types of foods
=environmental allergens

A couple of gut inflammatory diseases…
that cause stomach pain:
-Chrohn’s disease
-Ulcerative colitis

sometimes confused for food allergies, so
get a thorough check-up…
it may be an autoimmune disease

No question that many people are gluten intolerant…

In our young patients, we used to withold the
5 food allergy foods until age 1 year:
-tree nuts
-peanuts (legumes)

Study: thousands of young kids:
-group 1: fed these 5 foods at 4-6 months of age
-group 2: withheld 5 foods as typical until year 1

Results: Follow-up years later found:
Group 1, who were fed the 5 foods early,
had much fewer food allergy

So, if you are one who had allergy foods withheld
when you were very young, you may have had your
immune system mature, before 1 year old,
not having exposure to any of these foods…

“Parents, check with your doctor:
-when to introduce these food
allergy foods so minimize the
risk of food allergies, which:
cause a lot of inflammation!”

People, worldwide, depending on where they are from…
might have food intolerances:
Example: Korean-American had history of very little
dairy, so now has high dairy intolerance.

Many clients say they cannot drink whey protein shake…

But: “Let’s first cut down your carbs,
especially simple sugars, then:
try the whey protein shake and see”

Results: They never have a
problem with whey. The problem
is the high sugars.

Food allergy is very different than a food intolerance…

People often have food intolerances due to high
insulin levels & high inflammation
-compared to allergy, which is more serious and,
-can’t be fixed just with low carb

-we see food intolerances
often completely disappear

People of Asian, Afican, Hispanic descent may have
more milk intolerances…

It is amazing, however, how much of this goes away
when the diet removes carbohydrates,
and lowers inflammation