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ERIC WESTMAN 2 | HEART FAILURE! follow-up on low-carb restores Ejection Fractionto normal; lose fat!
presents episode 503 | Dr Eric Westman
Adapt Your Life podcast

Duke University Keto Medicine Clinic, Durham, NC…
-First case study: 43 year old woman, weighed over 300 pounds
-had sudden onset heart failure:
-shortness of breath
-fluid in lungs
-given implantable
defibrillator & meds
-released from Duke

After 12 weeks she came to Dr Westman’s keto clinic…
-EF (Ejection Fraction-amount of blood squeezed out of heart)
-had only 20% EF!
-on keto diet…
-BMI from 48.5
down to 33.5
-weight 180 pounds
-EF up to 50%
(almost normal!)

Serious heart failure, life-threatening, hospitalization…
-over time, with doctor’s help
-she is now having a normal life!

She is 5 foot 2 inches, now weighs about 160 pounds,
-is thrilled with impact on her life
-talks about her experience on Instagram channel

Case 2: 62 year old man
-never heard of low carb diet
-did minimal exercise…but keto diet still worked for him
-EF started at 20%…went up to 40%
-referred by his
-weight has come
down over time
-still on meds


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