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ERIC WESTMAN 1 | LOW CARB; KETO effective since 1863! Low fat debacle in 1970’s caused lots of pain
presents episode 502 | Dr Eric Westman
Adapt Your Life podcast

Duke University study, 2002, looked at literature of keto studies…
-latest one was 1980!
-had only 24 participants, no randomization, no control group
-all lost weight, had lower triglycerides, but slight uptick in LDL
“Became a pre-judgment on keto diet studies…fear of LDL!”
-by today’s standards,
this study would be
“But, this study made
it taboo to study
low-carb, keto diets”

So, 20 years ago, when Dr Westman’s Duke group and
Dr Jeff Volak’s group began studying the low-carb/keto diets…
-broke this taboo that: ‘these diets are not safe’
These 2 studies, 2002: over 50 participants, over 6 months,
-published in peer-reviewed journal, study all about their health!
-many more keto
studies have been
done since then
-Low-carb/keto diets
are the
most studied diets

Gary Taubes’s Why We Get Fat and
Nina Teicholz’s The Big Fat Surprise
books showed: low-carb diets used for fat loss since 1863 and
for diabetes treatment since 1923
“low fat diets were not founded on great science”
-fat being bad: not
scientific at all
-low-carb/keto diets
had been used for
decades before the
1970’s debacle
against eating fat

Can confidently say: low fat diets are not scientifically based…
-high fat (low-carb/keto) diets are scientifically based with:
-clinical guidelines: Obesity Medicine Association;
-American Diabetes Association;
-Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners
-how to use low-carb
diets safely

Dr Westman on cover of Woman’s World magazine…
-not peer-reviewed, but very effective communication:
-2021 used term: prescription-strength keto
“If this plan were a drug, it would be approved by the FDA.
I teach an evidence-based keto diet”


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